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Do You Need Property Tax Appeal Software?

Posted by Lisa English on Oct 1, 2018 8:47:56 AM

Do You Need Property Tax Appeal Software?

Planning to appeal your property taxes? If you’ve done your homework, your efforts will likely save your organization a fair amount of money. You might be wondering, though, if property tax appeal software would be a helpful tool to have at your disposal. Will it help streamline the process? Will it prevent errors? Will it give you a leg up in meeting deadlines?

Software usually makes things more efficient. So it’s a given that software designed specifically for appeals will do all those things—as will property tax software designed to help with every phase of the property tax cycle (including appeals). It’s up to you to decide which type of product you need, and which might benefit you most.

How can property tax appeal software help?

Generally, there are three aspects to an appeal:

  1. Validating your appeal position with valuation exercises and analysis.
  2. Gathering evidence and documentation to support your case.
  3. Tracking key appeal dates and statuses and moving the appeal through the process.

Most property tax appeal software will be useful for a large portion of the above—except the critical valuation exercises that form the basis of your appeal. (After all, strategic analysis is what you and your team do better than any type of software.)

In general, appeal software helps you manage the property tax appeals process from beginning to end, everything from storing and saving appeal documents to monitoring current activity on open appeals to managing important dates. It also often has customizable reporting options so you can get a bird’s eye view of the money you’ve saved through appeals. And maybe most importantly, it makes managing multiple clients or properties easier by serving as a central repository for your appeal-related information.

Property tax appeal software is a great choice for managing appeals, but there may be an even better option available: TotalPropertyTax.

Manage it all—returns, appeals, bills, and more—with just one property tax application. Schedule a demo today to see how TotalPropertyTax can benefit your tax team.

Property Tax Software: Managing The Life Cycle

Property tax software that lets you manage the entire tax cycle—preparing and filing returns, tracking and managing assessments, filing appeals, and tracking and paying tax bills—could be an even more powerful tool for your team. If you need software for appeals, you likely also use software (or would certainly benefit from trying it!) in other areas. Why use two products when you could use one?

Using a single, powerful property tax software that does it all has distinct advantages over using multiple vendors: There’s no duplication of data entry, your software costs are reduced, and there’s no need to train staff members on more than one product.

But how does it measure up on appeals? CrowdReason’s TotalPropertyTax is next-generation software designed to simplify every stage of the tax process; for appeals specifically it can:

  • Help you determine if you should file an appeal. Having your historical valuation amounts handy for comparison to your current assessments can be the first indication that you might need to appeal. You can easily note trends in past years’ assessments and see how much variance there’s been between your own valuations and the assessor’s. If your current assessment doesn’t fit the mold, that may be a sign to initiate further investigation.
  • Make it easy to pull together appeal package documentation. Because you’ve already inputted your tax documents into the system at an earlier point in the tax cycle, or during prior tax years, you have everything you need to build a supporting argument readily available. Whether it’s a copy of the rendition you filed, a list of all your assets with depreciation calculations, or prior year assessment information, TotalPropertyTax gives you the ability to create appeal packages simply and quickly. You can also make use of a generic appeal letter, and (in the near future!) state-approved appeal forms pre-populated with your legal entity and account data.
  • Track appeal statuses and key dates. If you miss a hearing date, it’s as if you never filed an appeal at all. Like everything else about the property tax cycle, there are just certain things that cannot fall through the cracks. Not only does our system track appeal deadlines by assessor, it also lets you assign preset statuses to the appeals you’ve filed, make notes about them, and track related hearing dates and locations on the calendar.

And when it’s all said and done, our software will display the initial valuation amount alongside the final value, and automatically calculate how much you saved in taxes based on the reduced valuation and tax rate.

We’re about more than just appeals.

Want to see what else our software can do? We’d love to show you! Schedule a free demo of our software and you’ll see—using your own tax documentation—how it simplifies all stages of the tax management process, including appeals. It can also dramatically reduce the time you spend on data management, and even ensure your tax bills are paid on time thanks to our numerous payment integrations. Tell us about your team’s software needs and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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