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Property Tax Management

Property tax management can be complex even for veteran tax professionals. There are so many unique circumstances to consider across not only state lines, but also individual jurisdictions. Return deadlines, specific tax forms, appeal processes, depreciation schedules—figuring out these aspects for each of your business locations can be a headache without the right support.

Your first instinct may be to seek out an experienced consultant to help lighten your tax team’s load, but that isn’t always necessary. In most cases, you only need a solid property tax software solution to simplify the process and help your team be successful with property tax management.

For example, one of our clients, a large telecommunications company, managed a significant number of tax documents in 2020:

  • 10,000 returns
  • 13,000 notices
  • 275 appeals
  • 17,000 bills

And they accomplished this feat with a team of only five people thanks to TPT. Keep reading to see the features that help achieve these types of results.

5 Features To Conquer Property Tax Management

1. Tax Calendar

Keeping up with deadlines is one of the most critical aspects of property tax management. Missing a due date often results in steep penalties. TPT’s tax calendar can help your team track and stay ahead of deadlines. It automatically populates with relevant due dates, which our team validates every year.

2. Central Document Repository

You need a digital repository for documents you receive from and send to taxing authorities such as valuation notices, tax bills, completed renditions, and appeals. TPT not only stores these documents right alongside your property tax data, but also organizes them for easy retrieval.

3. Intelligent Dashboards

Too many details can quickly get overwhelming. That’s why dashboards are important for maintaining a high-level view of work. TPT’s intelligent dashboard shows you complete and unfinished work across returns, assessments, and tax bills via easy-to-read charts so you can quickly assess workloads. In addition, you can see a mini calendar and table that show upcoming deadlines. It’s truly an at-a-glance visual feature.

4. Integrations

Most businesses rely on multiple software applications for their day-to-day work, so it’s extremely helpful if some or all of those applications integrate for greater efficiency. TPT can integrate with other major systems easily, and even offers an integration with Anybill, a leading provider of tax payment services, to guarantee your tax bills are paid accurately and on time.

(Our team is currently working on extending the Anybill integration to include returns, so your team won’t have to worry about printing or mailing!)

We also make application programming interfaces (APIs) available so you can connect to TPT however you choose. API is a technical term for a software intermediary that enables you to connect other applications to receive and transmit data back and forth. Want to pull your data into an Alteryx, PowerBI, or Tableau workflow? Want to pull data into an internal dashboard? APIs allow for these types of integrations.

5. Security

How safe is your sensitive financial data? Cloud security and data privacy are top priorities at CrowdReason. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our property tax solutions. AWS provides the most secure global infrastructure covered by Amazon compliance, security, and assurance programs. In addition, we implement industry security standards and undergo a yearly SOC audit. We also work directly with client IT departments to ensure any additional corporate requirements are met.

Bonus: Implementation & Support

At CrowdReason, we don’t conform to an off-the-shelf implementation process. We customize it based on the client’s industry, data setup, and organizational needs. Communication is important here, which is why we schedule regular calls and check-ins that keep pace with the desired timeline and complexity of operations. Taking the time upfront to set data up correctly saves time later—and makes it easier for clients to use the system over the long term.

Our support is also unmatched because our team members have relevant background experience in property tax management. We’ve filed returns, submitted appeals, and paid tax bills. We know the work you do, and understand the language and questions you’re asking. This all has a significantly positive impact on our ability to support your tax team.

Want to take all the headache out of property tax management?

CrowdReason provides the solutions—and the support—you need to make property tax management a cinch. We understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and have designed our software to handle nearly any challenge you can throw at it.

Come join our family of satisfied clients who are now handling property tax management tasks with ease. Schedule a demo today.