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    Making The Case For Property Tax Software

    Posted by Lisa English on Mar 27, 2019 2:28:04 PM

    Making The Case For Property Tax SoftwareAre you researching property tax software options in an effort to switch from your current solution? Or maybe you’re trying to build a case to convince higher-ups (or other members of your team) to get on board with a new implementation. Either way, you’re in the right place.

    Companies that have already adopted our advanced property tax software tools are benefitting from their decision to automate manual tasks, and their decision will only continue to improve tax practice over time. If you’re trying to make the case for investing in our property tax software at your business, focus on the benefits listed below. Then, invite a key stakeholder to join you in a brief demo of our software. Seeing it in action often helps overcome any remaining objections. (And if you still need to bolster your case, read about why companies that wait to adopt advanced technologies may never catch up.)

    During the demo we’ll use your own sample tax documentation to show you exactly how the software would work for you. Schedule a time today.

    CrowdReason Property Tax Software: 3 Points To Get To “Yes”

    1. You can have better data insight and provide a higher-quality service.

    Our software will help your team achieve and contribute more to the organization.
    That’s because it automates data entry and form-filling—tasks your highly-paid, skilled workers are wasting time doing. MetaTaskerPT uses a qualified, cost-efficient, and secure on-demand managed services crowd and advanced machine learning algorithms to extract data from your tax documents so you don’t have to do it manually. And TotalPropertyTax (TPT) handles everything from categorizing and depreciating assets to generating thousands (yes, thousands!) of rendition packages in minutes. Used together or individually, they give your team more time to strategize about assessment reduction, find and address assessment errors, and identify valuation issues.

    These activities—not data entry—differentiate your team and give your organization a competitive advantage. By ensuring you have proper assessments and are taking advantage of exemptions and discounts provided by law, your tax expenses decrease and have a direct impact on the bottom line—a revenue strategy that’s too often overlooked when tax teams are mired in data, deadlines, and forms. Additionally, having so much data at your fingertips gives you better data insights, and a better chance to meet your budget and accrual targets.

    Our property tax software also makes it easier to know when to appeal. You can see, side-by-side, last year’s value compared to this year’s; plus we’ll do the math calculating the difference so you can tell immediately when assessed values are too high. With our software, it’s easy to know when to consider an appeal, and you can get started building your case—lowering your tax bills—right away.

    2. You can reduce tax penalties caused by data errors.

    Automation and machine learning improve data accuracy.
    Relying on traditional approaches to input and check data is expensive and leaves lots of room for error, and increases the odds of incurring penalties due to wrong information. MetaTasker extracts data automatically from documents and, once it passes through many validation checks, imports it directly into TotalPropertyTax (TPT)—manual data entry is virtually eliminated. Inputting the correct data into your system from the start (rather than fixing it later by reading aloud) is the least costly way to ensure accurate data.

    Our reports also make it easy to see what’s due in a particular month, week, or day. You can run a variety of reports in our system, including one that tracks all the personal property returns you’re filing and shows their statuses and due dates. You’ll always know your priorities at a glance.

    Also, if you take advantage of our partnership with tax payment service Anybill, your tax bills will be paid accurately and on time, every time. Our integrated management/payment system automates payments and confirms bills have been paid; it also provides supporting documentation that goes directly back into your tax management platform. No more printing, assembling, mailing, and tracking checks. (You can also get reports for your tax bills to see current deadlines and statuses.)

    3. Your work is more fulfilling.

    Many tax teams are concerned that property tax software using automation will replace humans, but by reinventing jobs to optimize work between humans and automation, your team can streamline and improve its processes to include new, more desirable, strategic work that may not have been possible previously. (Tweet this!) Higher-level work helps your team achieve more (see point #1), is more fulfilling to your employees, and will make you a more attractive employer for new talent.

    And thanks to the data centralization provided by the software, your team can more easily collaborate to achieve goals more effectively. No more spreadsheets for a designated employee to update and share—instead, everyone on the team has access to view properties, accounts, values, deadlines, outstanding work, and in-process work, so tax practice truly becomes a team effort.

    IT Is Not Required For Installation!

    If your audience is concerned about the level of IT involvement needed for our software, you can mention this: Unlike some legacy property tax software solutions, TotalPropertyTax is a SaaS product, which means it doesn’t require any installation or maintenance on your part, and updates are rolled out automatically. Our applications can be accessed from any internet browser—no hardware requirements or operating systems necessary.

    You’ve made a solid business case—now schedule a demo. Or, if you need more information from us first, get in touch.

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