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Scan And Populate Tax Software For Your Property Tax Team

Imagine if your team no longer had to spend hundreds of hours each tax season on data entry. What could they be doing with all that time?

The answer: They could get back to doing their jobs.

Property tax isn’t about data entry—it’s about strategy. (Tweet this!) Using MetaTaskerPT to handle data entry gives you more time to strategize around assessment reduction, supporting appeals, and forecasting. That means your tax team could be focusing its efforts on a more profitable mission than simply entering numbers into a database: saving your organization or clients money.

Scan-and-populate Tax Software: The MetaTaskerPT Process

MetaTaskerPT tax software automates data entry, making your tax data readily accessible using this simple scan-and-populate process:

  1. You scan all your property tax documents—of any form and any type—and upload the files into MetaTasker. Hundreds of documents can be uploaded at a time, and you can work on other tasks while the upload takes place. At this point, your job is done.
  2. MetaTasker converts your images to readable text and mines data from the documents, using humans for answers when necessary. Essentially, this step consists of structuring the data located on the forms (even if the document itself is unstructured). All your tax data—account numbers, amounts due, due dates, payment collectors, etc.—is added to your database.
  3. MetaTasker automatically imports the extracted data into your property tax software so it’s ready for use. MetaTaskerPT integrates with a number of tax applications; however, using it in combination with TotalPropertyTax (TPT) gives you the most seamless experience, and another powerful tool to leverage on the compliance side.

99% Accuracy Rate: How’s that possible?

Embedded into MetaTaskerPT is a form of advanced technology called machine learning, which centers around the idea of computers being able to learn. This usually means training the computer to detect data patterns or relationships that then help it to draw conclusions. In essence, the software has “learned” the answers to questions like “What’s the due date on this tax bill?” and retrieves the data automatically.

In cases where the machine has “low confidence” around a particular data point, the issue is elevated to trained personnel, who retrieve the correct data. Our robotic process then aggregates the data back together and provides a full extraction of document information, along with the image of the document itself, to you.

This underlying system of consensus and escalation is the reason for MetaTasker’s extremely high accuracy rate—greater than 99%.

Some scan-and-populate tax software solutions are only able to pull small amounts of data from tax documents—like account numbers and jurisdictions. MetaTaskerPT uses machine learning to extract many more data points from unstructured documents. That means your system is sourced with all the available data related to your properties directly from your tax documents themselves, everything from account numbers and addresses to payment amounts and due dates to appeal dates and values.

Why not take the first step and see how it works?

MetaTaskerPT is the most advanced scan-and-populate tax software on the market. Sign up for a demo today to see how it can transform the work your team is doing as a result of more time and better-quality data.

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