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    Posted by Lisa English on Aug 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM


    Our mission at CrowdReason is and has always been to give you, our customers, the digital tools that will help you thrive. In our view, that involves a whole lot more than just selling software.

    The best way we know of to help you succeed is to become your partner, which we do by gaining a thorough understanding of your business needs (yes, literally yours!) and using that information to continuously make our product and service better. This blog series highlights the CrowdReason processes that support that partnership—and the individuals who make our customer experience exceptional.

    Our first post centered on our collaborative product development process and featured senior program manager Lisa English. In this post, we’ll give you an inside look at our tax software’s customer support, including all the ways we help customers—both new and longtime users—make the most of our software so they can accomplish their goals.

    At CrowdReason, tax software support is high-priority.

    Our philosophy is that we’re all in this together. If you can’t easily use our software and benefit from it, our support team will find a way to change that. For Eleshia Matheny, who has played a key role in tax technology support at CrowdReason since 2018, the best way to accomplish that goal is to build relationships with customers. “Someone who feels comfortable with me is more likely to reach out when they need help.”

    The type of support customers need depends on how long they’ve been using our software. “If they're just past implementation, they usually have a lot of questions about basic functionality. The longer they use it, support questions become less focused on ‘How do I do this?’ and more on ‘Could I do this?’” The latter types of questions ultimately make the software more valuable to customers.

    Another reason why we consider customer support so important: Support tickets frequently lead to changes and drive our product development efforts. “When we see that we get more support tickets for a certain area, we consider whether some development may need to be done there,” says another support team member, Morgan Lang. “Is there a reason people keep getting hung up, or is it just that it’s naturally a complicated process? And certainly, when users identify bugs, we fix the issue.”

    When customers make enhancement requests or if our support team receives multiple support tickets for the same issue, we review them to determine if making a change to the software would benefit a majority of our customers. Support tickets were the impetus for adding additional property tax return forms and real property renditions to TotalPropertyTax; they also prompted us to change how it handles asset transfers and asset partial additions.

    Got a problem? Don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Finding out about customer problems is the first step to creating a positive support experience. Many customers first look to our Knowledge Base in the support portal for answers.

    The Knowledge Base is a library filled with user guides, instructional articles and videos, and answers to frequently asked questions. It’s easy to use—typing a question into the search bar automatically brings up related articles—and provides helpful information that can solve most new users’ basic questions. But the Knowledge Base isn’t a static resource; we’re constantly updating it and adding other enhancements based on incoming support tickets.

    CrowdReason Support

    If someone can’t find what they need in the Knowledge Base, they can always reach out to a support team member. Customers can email us or click the web widget located inside TotalPropertyTax; the widget allows people to get help at exactly the point in their process where they’re having trouble.

    CrowdReason Help Search

    What happens when you contact us for support?

    With other software companies, getting a response to a support ticket could take days. At CrowdReason, once we know about a problem or question, we do whatever we can to resolve issues within a matter of hours. We know you’re working against a deadline and, in most cases, need solutions fast.

    Also, unlike other companies, we don’t outsource our support staff—the first person you talk to is a CrowdReason support team member who works in the same office as the rest of our staff. That makes it easy for us to collaboratively solve problems when necessary.

    “Once we get a support ticket in, we start working on it immediately,” says Matheny. “That may mean talking to a developer about an issue somebody's having, or, if a bug is identified, discussing internally the best way to advise customers on a workaround until we release the bug fix. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of another team member better understanding what the customer is intending to do in the software. We look for the most efficient way to resolve an issue—occasionally that means reaching out to somebody else here with a question.” However we get it done, you can rest assured we’re on it from the moment you reach out.

    “Thanks for all that you do and continue to do…You and your team are always so helpful; I never feel like a bother when I send in a support ticket.”

    We offer property tax software help from experienced support professionals.

    While basic property tax knowledge is a prerequisite for joining our support team, most team members actually have more than a decade of experience in the industry. That’s valuable because, as Lang points out, “property tax is almost like its own language! It helps to understand the customer’s desired outcome or what they are trying to accomplish.”

    We’re also no strangers to the fact that switching to new software can be a scary process and that support plays a key role in helping people make the transition successfully. “Prospects are frequently comforted by the fact that many of our long-standing customers praise the support that we offer during their reference calls.” Knowing they can rely on us for long-term support truly makes a big difference in their decision-making process.

    “Our team really does ‘get it,’” says Matheny. “We understand the process; we understand what our users are going through, and we understand their mindset. Property tax is very deadline-driven—we’ve all been there. Just having that knowledge is useful when it comes to helping our customers.”

    eleshia-mathenyMeet CrowdReason’s Eleshia Matheny

    Eleshia has 15 years of property tax experience, working on the assessor side, the consultant side, and now on the software side with her role in tax software assistance at CrowdReason.

    “I enjoy helping people get the most out of our software solutions. While it can be taxing at times (pun intended!) due to deadlines and volume, it’s always rewarding to see a customer’s frustration turn to satisfaction—and to see them successfully complete a tax cycle for the first time.”

    “Plus, I really feel like my insight and input is valued at CrowdReason; you don't always find that in the workplace. Everyone here is focused on doing one job in the best way possible—producing the technology solutions that help property tax professionals do their jobs better.”

    At home, Eleshia is a mom to two teenage girls and a five-year-old boy. “Whatever my kids are doing at the moment is what becomes my hobbies—right now, that’s cheer, tennis, baseball, and soccer!”

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