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    How Robotic Process Automation is Changing Finance & Accounting

    Posted by Tim Clark on Mar 9, 2021 8:39:44 AM

    By now, just about every industry has found a way to incorporate robotic process automation (RPA) into its workflow, but so far, banks are leading the way. Why? Because succeeding in today’s global financial markets requires “unprecedented levels of speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency beyond what a human workforce can provide.”

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    4 Parts Of The Business Personal Property Tax Cycle You Should Be Automating

    Posted by Brandon Van Volkenburgh on Nov 28, 2018 9:16:40 AM

    By now, you’ve heard all about how automation saves time. Applied to the manual processes in any industry, it takes over the tedious and time-consuming (but necessary) tasks of everyday work so employees can focus on activities that provide a greater return. In the case of business personal property tax, automation means your team members can forego data extraction and data entry work in favor of long-term strategy activities like tax planning and predictive analytics—tasks that have real impact on an organization and make your team more valuable.

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