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Tax Calendar Software For Your Property Tax Team

In talking with prospective customers, we’ve heard just about every possible way property tax teams try to manage deadlines:

  • Excel reports compiling dates
  • Personal Outlook calendars
  • Shared Outlook calendars
  • Sticky notes, and more

Even tax teams that use legacy software products—some of which come with integrated calendar functionality—struggle with ways to keep track of dates, with some companies even hiring outside developers to create calendar applications that integrate with their current systems.

As these tax teams have discovered, all of the above options present challenges, and usually only add to the existing complexities of the property tax cycle. Dates sometimes change, sticky notes get lost, and people devote too much valuable time updating shared calendars. There’s definitely a better way.

TotalPropertyTax (TPT): Tax Calendar & Compliance Software

Dates and deadlines are essential for prioritizing daily tasks. That’s why TPT users see the tax calendar first every time they log in.

TotalPropertyTax tax calendar

Relevant Dates Automatically Populate

Once you’ve set up your account with your properties, your TPT tax calendar will automatically populate with the relevant jurisdictions’ due dates for returns, appeal filings, and tax bills. Our software has detailed information, validated annually, that covers:

  • The return deadlines of 20,000+ assessors
  • The default tax bill deadlines of 8,000+ collectors
  • Various payment options and scenarios for bill paying, such as installments (i.e., half, full, summer, winter, quarterly, preliminary, or final)
  • Different due dates based on property type (i.e., property and real estate taxes)

TotalPropertyTax calendar weekly view

Your TPT calendar can be set to show a weekly view of upcoming deadlines (shown here) or a monthly view.

Upon logging in, your TPT calendar automatically filters the upcoming dates into a “To Do” list, showing outstanding items to prioritize. Clicking on the links at the top right filters the to-do list further.

Intuitive Workflow

Have a due date coming up? Because TPT is more than just tax calendar software and is used to handle many compliance tasks, it can take you directly into the tasks that need to be done. Simply click on the bill, return, appeal, or notice deadline hyperlink you want to work on and follow the links to get started. (See this workflow in action in the video below.)


Automatically Updates To Show Completed Work

Once you’ve submitted a return, addressed an appeal notice, or paid a bill, your TPT property tax calendar is automatically updated. Dates are removed from the calendar as tasks are “Completed.” However, if you wish, you can still view all the deadlines from a particular month simply by using the “All” filter (vs. “To Do”).

Other Valuable TPT Calendar Features:

  • TPT can be accessed via any internet browser (vs. being installed on only certain machines). That means your tax team can use the software from anywhere they have internet access, anytime.
  • You can personalize the calendar to show any or all types of property tax deadlines—for example, just bills or notices, or all deadlines of any type that’s upcoming.
  • It offers “week” and “month” views depending on your preference.
  • It offers the flexibility to change default dates. For instance, if an appeal date is always April 30, but the date changes for one specific account, you can make the change for that single account. The change for that specific account won’t affect any other accounts that deadline is tied to.

More Than Just Tax Calendar Software

High-performing tax teams use more than just a tax compliance calendar—they take advantage of advanced software that helps them meet every deadline and be more productive at the same time. (Tweet this!)

With TPT you can stay on top of due dates, prepare and file return forms faster, manage your tax data better, and even process bills more smoothly. And we’re dedicated to making our solutions work for you, which means we’re continually improving and updating our software based on feedback from our customers. If you’d like to learn more about TPT, or our other property tax software, get in touch today.

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